Business Development Oversight Leader FG&R-GBU SouthAm

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The Business Development Oversight Leader FG&R-GBU SouthAm is responsible for Business Development Oversight for FG&R GBU at a regional level, in order to ensure compliance in decision making and investments with Group governance standards (compliance with strategic orientations, decision-making delegation thresholds within the GBU, compliance with Group financial criteria and those expressed by the health/safety, environment/CO2, legal and ethics departments, among others.) and securing the growth ambition of the GBU. In addition, provide field support and expertise to the Strategy Team, by conducting market analyses, assisting in the preparation of strategic deep dives, dialogues and seminars, recognizing the flexibility required to adapt to changes in business dynamics and evolving projects, in line with management and company guidelines. Organize and supervise the Development and Investment Committees .Analyze and review Business Development investment files.
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